understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, you know as well as I do that mankind has been taught for approximately – well, let us say six centuries, that God would do for you what God has to do through you.

What God does for you, has got to be done through you, and I want to tell you, when mankind really understands that, you will see why you have not complied with Life, because you did not know it was necessary to call Life to release a greater Power of Its intensity and Its activity.

You have Love, Wisdom and Power in balance, and therefore as you call forth this greater intensity of Life, it will do for you everything that is required, because It is Its nature.

You don’t have to plead with Life, Gentlemen. All you have to do is give It a chance to act. It wants to; It wants to give you everything good, always has, but since mankind’s qualification has always interfered with It, Oh, for many centuries, then the fault is with mankind in the lack of understanding.

But since today you have an opportunity to have the real definite Understanding, and I tell you gentlemen, if you want to be happy and free, study those Books; go over that Decree Book.

It is the most magnificent thing on Earth; that Decree Book keeps you reminded of your authority to govern all conditions that confront you and the exact means by which you may do it.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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