understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the Messengers, when Saint Germain sent Them forth, there were many things He had not explained and when They began to feel that terrific – as They first called it – opposition, They thought: Well, how in creation can that be with this Great Power of Light?”

But then when Saint Germain later explained that That was a power of resistance, that to some degree was within Life Itself, then how different everything in the outer world was. Because mankind, in the density to which they have drawn themselves, must have some resistance to make them release a greater power that gives them the Dominion.

Gentlemen, when you meet something that seems opposing or resisting, take the joyous attitude – here is an opportunity to release a greater Power of these Light Rays and this Force of Light.

When you meet a vicious force, qualify this Mighty Energy as it goes forth with the Force of Light; because you need it many times to beat down vicious conditions; because all viciousness is qualified energy which is destructive force and that force must have something greater than itself to control it.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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