understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will find in this simple Real Understanding of Life, that there is not one thing which can oppose you. It would be impossible if you understand this Law of the “I AM”correctly.

While there may be resistance, it is just a signal to you to turn on more Power. It is as easy as if there were a key here within the reach of My Hand, and I turned on one-third of your Power of Light. It is as if I turned on the first one-third of the current; then I turned it again and released two-thirds; then I turned it again and released the full force.

That is exactly what you are doing in your Call to Life.

At first, not because you would not like to, but ordinarily because of the conditions that have been established in your atomic structure, you turn the key only one-third. This is why in the beginning, you do not have the full force of the response to your call as you do later.

After a while, you learn to turn it on two-thirds, because the feeling has gone down of the doubt of your own ability to release all you require. Later you can turn the key that turns on the full force of your Current of Life, and of course, untouched by your qualifications.

Oh, it is such a magnificent thing, Gentlemen, giving you the Full Power and Authority over yourself and your world.

It is so magnificent, and it is so mathematically accurate. There is not a thing in your mechanical world that is half as practical; because this is an Eternal Thing for use and activity in your Life.

Your mechanical things may get out of order, and sometimes, if you do not have the parts, you delay its completion in order to get them from somewhere else.

With Life, the parts are always here! You never run out of parts! You never find them absent! Therefore, you see how completely practical is this Application of Life.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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