understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you as an individual in your individual world continue to accept, that in the appearance world through humans or otherwise, there is a power opposed to you, there is a power that can harm you, then you have undone the Power of this Light that you have called forth to give the assistance which you wish; because you are the Decreer, you are the qualifier of how this Energy is going to act for you.

Even though you call It forth, if there are doubts or feelings within you that something can interfere with that Achievement which you are calling forth in the action of the Light, then you have prevented It or at least delayed It from rendering you that immediate service that It would render.

Therefore, today I wish you to be reminded of these things, that when you make your Application, stand so firm and unyielding.

Of course, gentlemen, it goes without saying and you see the evidence before you in the outer world, that every person who turns to the Light, wherein alone lays Freedom, will have opposition; but it does not mean that it is a controlling power of you.

That which We have termed opposition – and I want to explain that to you now that you may feel it humanity qualifies and calls certain things opposition. On the other hand, it is a resistance and that resistance alone within the outer world of mankind impels and compels mankind to make the effort.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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