understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It seems incredible to Us that after human beings have seen repeatedly – of course this is not generally known to the outer world, but these people who are self-styled dictators of the World, know well enough, for they have seen it done time and again, that every time a frightfully destructive force or discovery comes into use, all of a sudden it disappears from the knowledge of mankind.

Now they have seen that, yet they go on believing because it is them, that they are going to rule the world.

Why, the insanity of such a thing! As if the Powers of Life would permit one man or two or three or half a dozen to destroy the rest of mankind, in this time when mankind’s attention has been drawn to the Greatest Power and Presence in the World, the Power and Presence of Life and Its Light Rays to be used.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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