understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I want to draw your attention, gentlemen, today to the Retreat in Arabia, which is the greatest place on the face of this Earth for the training in the use of the Light Rays. If you have had any question in your mind concerning the truth of this good Brother’s experiences, dismiss it right now.

When you read Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, every word there is true and I know it to be for the Books were bound in Jeweled covers in the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light.

Those experiences are true, and as He said to you last night in class, those Books will remain untouched for a thousand years.

Now then knowing this, then you will understand why, from the Retreat in Arabia, the one instrument which the Messenger calls the Cosmic Reflector, you can turn that on any spot in the World and see the people, hear the conversations as clearly as you hear the Messenger speak to you here in the room.

That will never come in the outer world at the present time. That will remain in the Authority and Use and Governing Power of the Ascended Masters; because that is how They know everything that is going on in the World anywhere.

Now that is wholly aside from the projection of the Light Rays by which They can do a similar thing, but in a wholly different manner.

Gentlemen, remember as you look at the Chart and see those Light Rays going forth, try to make yourselves feel their Full Power, and realize all that It means. You stand in the same position today as those who are being trained in the use of those Light Rays in the Retreat in Arabia. Saint Germain God Presence Chart

There is no thing on the face of this Earth or anywhere else that is as valuable, as important, as the use of these Light Rays today.

You may not see Them, but when you call the “Presence” to project a Light Ray to render any service, that instant Its Light Ray goes forth; and if you can really feel That in the fullness of all It means, you will be able to absolutely render a service which is incredible to you at the present time.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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