understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America and Canada, really, from the Ascended State as you see the cause and effect of the Nations of the Earth – you won’t mind standing for just a few moments – were you to see all that has been done, not because I was an Englishmen, but from the Inner Law, you would be surprised how England has held the balance of the World. (Applause)

Now remember, I do not for one moment condone any mistakes that England might have made, but I mean from the Inner Law’s standpoint, they have been because of the peculiar nature of the Englishmen – they have a tenacity that is remarkable.

Through long training they have heard that very remark, but through that which has been done to hold the balance until now, when the “Great Presence of Life”, the “Mighty I AM” becomes known throughout the World, it will replace that by the Power of the “Mighty I AM” in balance throughout all Nations; and that is the thing that must come now.

It is not a matter of human choice; it is a matter of the Action of the Great Cosmic Law, and this is the great privilege of mankind.

The more they can cooperate and feel the Blessing of that Great Law of Life, will they hasten the incoming Perfection which Life wants to bring forth, not only to you of America, but to all the World. (Won’t you be seated)

That is why – I know you feel like it, so do I – that the imperative need is for the protection of America, to keep out the destructive forces from finding action in war here.

To be able to do that, will hold a balance and hasten the incoming Perfection – well, it could easily hasten it a hundred years.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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