understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Beloved Ones, I say to you, Precious People, with the Understanding and the Power of your “Presence” flowing forth through you at your Call, there is nothing in this world that you should ever be afraid of – persons, places, or conditions.

When you stand up with your honest sincerity and look an individual in the face, that power goes forth; and if that individual is doing wrong, they cannot look you in the eye, nor can they force any influence upon you.

Don’t think that many of these individuals don’t understand something of the mental law, and they put forth that domination to try to scare the human into obedience.

Just like these agitators in the unions and the strikers. If a half dozen of those men walked up in front of them and said: “Shut your mouth and leave at once or we will see that you do”, they would leave. (Applause)

Why, the idea of a hundred men standing and listening to the violent and vicious prattle of an agitator, and stand there and let them gain influence over people, innocent blessed people, and deprive them for weeks and months of the money their families need and they know they will never get – nothing is gained.

Instead, they reap all the money they can get out of those blessed people, then sneer behind their backs, because they are gullible. I know it; I have seen it everywhere, and I am telling you the truth.

Those agitators do not care any more about mankind than rats, and in their lying pretense of trying to bring a remedy of conditions, they only breathe a poisonous breath that makes it a thousand times worse.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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