isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“If every one of the experimenters were clever mesmerizers, the explanation, minus certain important details, might be acceptable. So much for the power of human will on inanimate matter, according to the learned minister of Louis Phillipe.

But how about the intelligence exhibited by the table? What explanation does he give as to answers obtained through the agency of this table to questions? Answers which could not possibly have been the “reflections of the brain” of those present (one of the favorite theories of de Gasparin), for their own ideas were quite the reverse of the very liberal philosophy given by this wonderful table?

On this he is silent. Anything but spirits, whether human, satanic, or elemental.
Thus, the “simultaneous concentration of thought”, and the “accumulation of fluid”, will be found no better than “the unconscious cerebration” and “psychic force” of other scientists.

We must try again; and we may predict beforehand that the thousand and one theories of science will prove of no avail until they will confess that this force, far from being a projection of the accumulated wills of the circle, is, on the contrary, a force which is abnormal, foreign to themselves, and supra-intelligent.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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