understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, thanks to the “Great Presence of Life” and the Blessed Saint Germain and your Mighty Decrees, that thing is fast vanishing from Earth. Right here in your city and San Francisco, the people are awakening and rising up and they are saying: “Now, we shall say something about this ourselves.”

Just as quick as they take that determination and stand by it, those agitators will cease to be; and peace, harmony will reign, and Divine Justice again be called into action to bless capital and labor alike. (Applause)

Beloved Ones, capital and labor must harmonize. Labor is no good without capital, and capital is no good without labor. Therefore, in all that is required yet before mankind, capital in certain channels is necessary, if all that must come forth to bless mankind.

When you understand the “Mighty Presence of Life” and issue these Mighty Decrees, and in these great bodies and groups of Students reaching forth in the mental and feeling world, it will cleanse and purify every bit of that, and give the people courage and strength, to stand guard over themselves and their world, and the call the Mighty Power of the “Presence” into action that will produce Divine Order, Divine Justice, Peace, Happiness and Limitless Supply to everyone who will stand by It, and hold It sustained forever.

I thank you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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