understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you not see, do you not comprehend, Dear People, where you stand tonight, from where you stood yesterday morning?

Oh, perhaps you did not feel slightly different in the physical outpicturing; but My Dear Ones, consider what took place within the Inner Power of your feeling world and the power of your mental world, that has cleared the way of obstruction.

Oh, believe that, feel that, Beloved 100% people, and then stand guard as dynamite to any outside force and any outside suggestion that would mar the beauty of that contemplation, of the Freedom of Life and Its Mighty Goal.

That is where you stand as 100% Students.

Do you know, upon you devolves the projection of the Light in your locality? I congratulate our Beloved Group Leader (Mr. Brown) tonight, when he closed his words by saying to you, that no one who was not actually a 100% Student could be so dishonorable as to come into such a meeting. I hope every Group Leader in America and the World will take that stand with his people.

We know only too well that there have been everywhere, people who came in and claimed to be 100%, and were but spies, for it was proven in Los Angeles beyond any question. There were several going from one group to another spreading the poisonous discord; but it shall be no longer.

Therefore, I say to you, Beloved People, that a person who spies to spread discord to the Students of Light, had ten thousand times better walked into a den of rattlesnakes, for they would only lose their physical body then;

but to practice deception to the Powers of Light, shuts the door to the Light, for God knows how long.

Therefore, I say to you, Beloved Ones, these unfortunate individuals who lend themselves to such things, little know what they are doing.

They may believe that they only live once; well, they will find the great disappointment one day.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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