understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, that I might convey to you My Happiness in My Freedom from Earth. How little I dreamed, just as you today little dream what is before you. Think of it! Who of you shall say to Me tonight what the “Great Presence of Life” might do for you ere the Sun sets tomorrow?

Oh, Beloved Ones, accept the Fullness of all the Majesty and Power that your “Presence” might choose or find the opportunity to release through you.

Think – when that Great One in India told Me that in America I would find that One who would assist Me to My Ascension, My Dear People, as a lad I believed it; and somehow, it never occurred to Me that it could ever fail.

Yet, as the years went on, and I searched and searched those weary months, and ofttimes I thought, “Where, Oh where, is that guiding Power and Intelligence?” Yet within Me, in the outer moments of wonderment and discouragement – only temporary – again would rise from within Me, that joy and happiness in that quest.

Everyone of mankind is making that same search today that I made; only today your search is shortened greatly. I had no one to assist Me, as I thought; but of course I did.

My Higher Mental Body who received that direction, knew from the beginning; but I had to be made sure in the outer part – my human self – as to whether I would stick to that search to make Me worthy of the Goal, when It was reached.

Who of you know but that you are all being made worthy of the Goal which you shall reach ere long! Is it not a happy contemplation to believe that? I think so. I know it is so by actual experience.

You tonight, I want you to feel with Me the Reality of My Victory; and since you, last night, were charged with the Power of Victory, apply It to your Goal and your Eternal Freedom.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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