understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To think mankind will practice hatred and deception for a few paltry dollars. I shall never forget through Eternity, the honor of My father who served the English government in India.

That man was constantly beset by individuals offering bribes of money for him to do a dishonorable thing – but never once; and when he finally continued to refuse, because he held the great respect of the government, he was shot. A thousand times had he better have been shot, than to have been dishonored.

That is the Power of Light, Beloved Ones, which you are serving; and a thousand times – ten thousand times – had you better lose your human form, than to once be dishonorable to the Light which beats your Heart.

That is the position of the 100% Students; and you who stand, Oh Beloved Ones, 100% to the Powers of Light and the Ascended Masters, will one day walk so free from all human conditions – and mark what I tell you, it cannot be long in the Great Power that is being released.

Stand your ground with your “Presence” if the Heavens fall; what does the matter of a change of embodiment mean in the great Goal of Life to that Eternal Freedom.

I want to call your attention to the Rayborns, Mr. and Mrs. Rayborn, Rex and Bob, Nada, Pearl and Myself. Not one of Us ever dreamed in the world, one year before Our Freedom, that such a thing could actually be.

Take Myself for instance; while I earnestly made that search as directed, I did not comprehend but slightly what that Goal meant. I did not know. While I believed intellectually what the Great One told Me, yet afterwards I knew I did not comprehend but so little, only enough to keep Me on the search.

You today, are having the greatest encouragement ever in Life to assist you in the courage, strength and happiness to stay on your pathway until your Goal is reached – and how quickly!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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