understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have in the past thought and talked of the dark ages. My Dear Ones, it was not a fragmentary thing to what is taking place in those countries today; and yet, knowing the Powers of Light, I still have great hope.

When I came as a lad, at the passing of My father in India, to England, I heard these whisperings of the communistic activity; and in the pretense of bringing a solution of mankind’s problems, even the instigators of that, at that time, never dreamed of what it would turn out to be.

The sinister destructive creation of mankind, having become so vicious, seized upon everything to try to destroy mankind;

and I frankly say to you from actual observation, if ever the clutches of the sinister force gets its claws upon America, as it has Europe and the Orient today, mankind would be destroyed.

Therefore, I say to you, Beloved Americans, and I say this, and through the power of the air currents must It go to every “I AM” Student in America and the World this night, for their assistance, which they alone can give.

Perhaps you do not understand that you wield a power unknown to the mass of mankind, because you have so gradually come into it, and naturally, it should seem natural to you;

yet do not pass it by, Beloved Ones, in the constant contemplation of the change which has taken place in you in just two or three years.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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