understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I greet you, Beloved Ones in the Name and the Power of Freedom and Victory. While I could not be present with you last night, I have since received the Glory of all the Blessings that came to you. I trust when I say this, you will not be disappointed.

It was the Beloved Jesus’ intent to give this Dictation; but He was required with Beloved Saint Germain in Europe so tremendously tonight, that I was asked to take His place.

Europe, never in her history, needed the help as now. The last lash of the destructive sinister force is striking at Europe, trying to drive out of those nations all respect for Divinity.

Precious People, you have no more idea than an infant what is actually going on there. I have just come from there, and I was with Saint Germain last night in this final tremendous effort to stem the tide there.

The momentum of energy that has been released must some way be dissolved. As was in Russia, all respect, honor and attention is being driven away from Divinity; so is the same sinister thing going on in Germany and Austria.

Dear People, the pity of that condition; and I am speaking of that tonight, Beloved Ones, because of the Power I know you have in This Understanding to give that assistance.

Your mighty individual Calls to that “Great Presence of all Life” will give that assistance to your fellowman there.

You cannot imagine the condition and the poor unfortunate people in those countries, not knowing which way to turn, looking to first one then the other, hoping for a solution and peace.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, whenever a few moments are yours, if not working, you can make it audibly or silently, call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and Great Cosmic Beings to render every possible service to Europe and the Orient.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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