isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“The medical faculties, as might have been expected, assuming the part of the Greek chorus, echoed the various expostulations against the demonological authors.

The Medico-Psychological Annals, edited by Drs. Brierre de Boismont and Cerise, published the following: “Outside these controversies of antagonistical parties, never in our country did a writer dare to face, with a more aggressive serenity…the sarcasms, the scorn of what we term common sense;

and, as if to defy and challenge at the same time thundering peals of laughter and shrugging of shoulders, the author strikes an attitude, and placing himself with effrontery before the members of the Academy…addresses to them what he modestly terms his Memoire on the Devil!”

That was a cutting insult to the Academicians, to be sure; but ever since 1850 they seem to have been doomed to suffer in their pride more than most of them can bear.

The idea of asking the attention of the forty “immortals” to the pranks of the Devil! They vowed revenge, and, leaguing themselves together, propounded a theory which exceeded in absurdity even de Mirville’s demonolatry!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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