understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear People, if you could see with the All-Seeing Eye of God within you, the change that is within you and your feeling world, it would be the most Joyful Magnificent thing on the face of this Earth;

and you who are really sincere, think of how the Light has expanded within you – the Power of the Universe.

You are dealing, Beloved Ones, with the Greatest Power that exists, the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and not only that, but the Great Host of Ascended Masters and the Great Cosmic Beings, and even the Great Cosmic Light that is coming to the Assistance of mankind, because it is imperative!

Do you think Life sent forth from the Great Source of all Life – that which you know as the Great Central Sun – do you think that Life wants to be a failure after those hundreds of thousands of centuries?

Beloved mankind, you have lived for hundreds of thousands of years;

and remember, Beloved Ones, since the last Golden Age upon Atlantis, very little progress has been made, because individuals who knew the Law and held the authority over the people, withheld from the people This Great Law which they could have given.

Why do you think that at the time of Jesus, when such a great sweep of Illumination and Freedom could have come to mankind, the fanaticism of the priesthood caused the crucifixion of your Blessed Ascended Master Jesus and covered the Light which He brought?

After two hundred years, they clothed It so cunningly that mankind has never been able to understand Its meaning since.

Today, when Saint Germain has brought forth This clear Magnificent Understanding of Life openly, again bringing to the World the Full Understanding of the “Mighty I AM”, and all that It means to mankind – the very Life of the World, the very Life of your bodies – then is there hope for mankind.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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