understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You Blessed Ones, did you quite understand when the Messenger called yesterday for you to be clothed in those Garments – Seamless Garments of Light, did you quite understand what He meant and what That meant to you?


Do you quite understand? I think not. However, in His great earnest Call that service was rendered.

Those Garments will remain yours, and while invisible, yet in those Garments aside from your feeling world, will be charged the Quality of the Ascensions taking place today.

Please claim It! Please accept It! Please qualify It to be Eternally Sustained and active for you.

Now Beloved Ones, My Joy in this Heart to Heart talk with you has been very great, and may that Great Love that has poured out from My Presence – I am standing right here, you should see Me – and may that ever be a memory of My Words, My Love, My Strength, and may It be an Eternal Memory to enfold you, that just so recently My Victory was won!

Think of it, it is only a few years, Beloved Ones! Try to feel that Great Reality for yourselves!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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