understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the happiness – and as I look at your garments – how wonderful is your great and willing obedience to clothe yourselves in the colors that are constructive and powerful.

You may wonder sometimes when your Beloved Lotus gets pretty strong and powerful concerning colors; well, you must thank Her forever, because let Me tell you, Beloved Ones, do you know that in the Higher Octaves the colors black and red are unknown – never have existed and never will.

But the difficult point for the human who wants to hang on to those things, is that it always comes back and says: “Well, how about your Flag?” Then it thinks it has gotten you.

Well, when you think that the red in your Flag represents the human blood shed for the Freedom of America, and that human blood is red because of the imperfection in it, then is not the explanation complete?

Oh, Dear Ones, when you have freed yourselves from imperfection, your blood will be like Ours, a golden liquid, and you will have all the delicate pink complexion which you would like; and you won’t have to give it assistance either.

Think what a lot of time it would save. Then your body is not constantly changing its form, having a chance to get new clothing larger, then smaller.

The Eternal Body of Light never changes its symmetry – always the same, beautiful and perfect.

You know I had a masculine body. I never gave much thought to how mankind might or should try to beautify and perfect themselves, but when I suddenly became aware how very changed My Form was from my outer form, when the beginning of My Ascension took place, then I realized how perfect Life is and how beautiful Life is.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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