understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me remind you in closing, Beloved Ones, the Greatest Glory in all human life, is in your earnest Call to your “Presence of Life” for your Ascension in this embodiment!

If for any reason you do not accomplish It, then you would be certain to in the next, because THE GREAT DESIRE OF ONE EMBODIMENT BECOMES THE COMPULSION OF THE NEXT!

It is a Law of Life acting within you.

See how no single effort toward Perfection can ever in the Universe be lost.

Try to retain the memory and hold that before you as often as you can. Then you will know as you go from one Victory to another that every one is a step on that golden stairway of Eternal Light, leading ever on and on into the goal of all Life.

Its Perfection which comes alone through the Ascension, is for all mankind who want to have it.

The unfortunate individuals who turn aside say: “Oh no, this cannot be true, the Messengers’ imagination is working overtime.”

Well, just so unfortunate are they.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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