understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, in that acceptance you have not only the Infinite Power of Light in the Universe rushing to your assistance, but you have the Assistance of the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light, the Great Cosmic Beings, and the Great Cosmic Light;


and may I call your attention again today, that This Cosmic Light which the Great Ones speak about is not something static in space.

It is consciously directed Mighty Currents of Light and Energy from That which you have come to know as the Great Central Sun, which is the Heart or Focus, and the Light of this Great System of Planets and Others; That is the source of Being.

That all exists in the System of Planets and Others over which It governs, but do not begin to reach out and want to know all that exists in the System of Planets and the Universe before you free yourselves.

You have quite sufficient to do.

Now then, why do I call your attention to that?

Because Dear Ones, the human gets strange ideas at times and it wants to begin to reach out, reach out and reach out everywhere, when it should stay at home and give its attention where Perfection is;

then in the Wisdom of that “Great Presence”, one day, naturally, will come the full explanation.

But sometimes just a little bit of egotism gets going in the human feeling and it says: “Oh, I get all swelled up and I want to be the authority.”

Well, the human never can be the authority. Only as it calls to its “Great Presence of Life” will it become the authority, and then it is the Wisdom of the “Presence”.

So Beloved Ones, remember you are the most fortunate, most fortunate of beings.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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