Blessed Night, Loves ๐Ÿ˜Š

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion; And While So Many Of You Are Busy Working To Serve Your Divine Purpose On This Earth…For The Betterment Of Yourselves, And All Of God’s Children – May God Bless You All – Always, Always Remember To Show Love And Adoration To Your Very Own “I AM Presence”! Amen…Hugging FacePurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Big Up Yourselves…And Give Thanks And Praises For The Light Of God In All Of Us…That Never Fails!ย  Smiling FaceFolded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

“We so often see in the heart the craving for proof – some remarkable manifestation which will strengthen them on the way.

I assure you, Blessed Children of the Light, any proof given outside of yourself is but temporary, but every step proven in and through your own conscious application is an eternal accomplishment;

and as you continue to gain the Mastery through your Self-conscious application, you are not only accomplishing the things in hand, but you are raising the consciousness, until presently you will find that all barriers have gone down.

It is in this manner that the door of human limitation is forever nailed back; and as My outer form was nailed to the cross, so do you, by your ascending consciousness, nail back the door of self-created limitations, and feel and know your Dominion.

To the many students so vitally interested in making the Ascension, I would urge you to use the Statement often: “‘I AM’ the Ascension in the LIGHT”.

This will enable your consciousness to more quickly rise out of the maya of human creation.

It cannot be stressed too urgently that as you live in and accept more fully the Transcendent Power of the “I AM Presence”, you will find that not only the outer struggle ceases, but that as you have entered deeper into the Light, the outer things that you have sought so earnestly will really and truly begin to seek you –

because by that time you will truly and fully realize the unreality of form and its transitory activity.

You will then know that within you and the Light about you is everything you can possibly desire; and the outer, which has seemed so very important, will have lost its great binding power upon you.

Then in the outer things that come to you will come joyous Freedom. This is the true activity of outer things.

As you become more conscious of the Transcendent Powers which are at your command, you will know that you can quickly draw to yourself anything you require without harming or affecting another of God’s children.” (Beloved Jesus) Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

Beloved Jesus quote 22

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