understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We want to do a tremendous Work in New York, and I am very grateful that you have found a friend who has made it possible for these Broadcasts to go forth, which is the opening of the Great Outpouring of the attention of mankind to This Great Law.

I am sure it will only be the beginning of other activities through other parts of America, where mankind can have the opportunity to know This Great Law and the “Great Presence.”

As I look among the Students, as I often move among them, seeing where assistance might be given, Beloved Ones, not that you ever intrude anything upon anyone, but don’t have fear of questioning in your feeling when the opportunity is offered for you to speak of This Great Law;

and when you speak, speak with assurance and with firm determination and certainty in your mind or don’t mention it, because, Dear Ones, the human is very peculiar as you must have found out by this time.

Therefore, if it feels the slightest uncertainty within you, it says: “Oh well, that is someone’s imagination working overtime.”  When you speak with positive assurance, then that human says: “Well, that fellow knows what he is talking about.”

Believe Me, Beloved Ones, when you have seen the Messengers with that great Invincible Courage, Power and Strength to present this Law of Life to mankind in spite of their viciousness and unbelief, and the Victory They have won, then you must know the Light is the Power!

Therefore, feel It in yourselves!

Of course the Messenger, through His Experiences, knows absolutely from first-hand experience.


But you, if the Light of your Heart has accepted This Great Truth, then you too know, just as sure as the Messenger does, through actually experiencing it.

Will you allow Me to repeat that?

Beloved Ones, when your Heart has accepted This Great Light and Understanding, then you too are just as sure, because It is the Light that knows in the physical structure, and when you have accepted That, you know just as sure as the Messenger does, the truth of This Great Law.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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