isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“The following affirmations of physical phenomena, as witnessed by himself and Professor Thury, may be found in de Gasparin’s voluminous work.

“The experimenters have often seen the legs of the table glued, so to say, to the floor, and, notwithstanding the excitement of those present, refuse to be moved from their place.


On other occasions they have seen the tables levitated in quite an energetic way.

They heard, with their own ears, loud as well as gentle raps, the former threatening to shatter the table to pieces on account of their violence, the latter so soft as to become hardly perceptible….

As to LEVITATIONS WITHOUT CONTACT, we found means to produce them easily, and with success….And such levitations do not pertain to isolated results. We have reproduced them over THIRTY times.

…One day the table will turn, and lift its legs successively, its weight being augmented by a man weighing eighty-seven kilogrammes seated on it; another time it will remain motionless and immovable, notwithstanding that the person placed on it weighs but sixty.

…On one occasion we willed it to turn upside down, and it turned over, with its legs in the air, notwithstanding that our fingers never touched it once.”

“It is certain”, remarks de Mirville, “that a man who had repeatedly witnessed such a phenomenon, could accept the fine analysis of the English physicist.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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