isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“”I choose the nobler part of Emerson, when, after various disenchantments, he exclaimed, ‘I covet Truth’. The gladness of true heroism visits the heart of him who is really competent to say this.” – TYNDALL.

“A testimony is sufficient when it rests on:

1st. A great number of very sensible witnesses who agree in having seen well.
2d. Who are sane, bodily and mentally.
3d. Who are impartial and disinterested.
4th. Who unanimously agree.
5th. Who solemnly certify to the fact.” – VOLTAIRE, Dictiannaire Philosophique.

THE Count Agenor de Gasparin is a devoted Protestant. His battle with des Mousseaux, de Mirville and other fanatics who laid the whole of the spiritual phenomena at the door of Satan, was long and fierce.

Two volumes of over fifteen hundred pages are the result, proving the effects, denying the cause, and employing superhuman efforts to invent every other possible explanation that could be suggested rather than the true one. The severe rebuke received by the Journal des Debats from M. de Gasparin, was read by all civilized Europe.

After that gentleman had minutely described numerous manifestations that he had witnessed himself, this journal very impertinently proposed to the authorities in France to send all those who, after having read the fine analysis of the “spiritual hallucinations” published by Faraday, should insist on crediting this delusion, to the lunatic asylum for Incurables.

“Take care”, wrote de Gasparin in answer, “the representatives of the exact sciences are on their way to become…the Inquisitors of our days. …Facts are stronger than Academies. Rejected, denied, mocked, they nevertheless are facts, and do exist.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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