understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear People, the Higher Mental Bodies of these two Messengers render tremendous service to mankind. Don’t get any idea that they are directing you to do certain things, the black magician will even project a body similar to the Messengers and try to make believe that the Messengers are misdirecting you.

Now watch out! They are not all gone yet, but they are certainly taking their departure rapidly.

You would never stop rejoicing if you knew how their plans have been frustrated in the past eight months.

They had taken hold of certain individuals in physical embodiment in all parts of the World, and they had placed them in the principle large cities and acted through them; but now since your Call, which had to come from your octave, that makes it possible to dissolve the cloak of invisibility.

Then they will soon cease to be, and that is the Joy of all mankind and a Blessing and Protection.”



Beloved David Lloyd


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