understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, it is easy enough to know a thing and not accept it in your world. For instance, take for illustration or attention the imperative need of understanding there are black magicians in the World.

Well, if you do not know they are there, they act in your feeling world and drag you down into limitations and distress; and then, too late, you find how tangible they were.

Beloved Ones, you cannot run away from a thing. To deny a thing is foolish. However, these conditions exist in the world of mankind.

What makes it possible for a disappointed individual to become a black magician – in other words, a destructive being? How do they gather such power to harm mankind?

Because of mankind’s own destructive accumulation, energy wrongly qualified constantly about mankind, which they seize upon and draw it and turn it upon mankind to harm them.

Oh, they are cunning, don’t make any mistake about it.

When they see an individual whose Light is expanding that they can seize upon, and connect them with the psychic world, they will do it, so watch out.

It is nothing to be afraid of, but be careful.

Know and be sure that you are connected with your own “God Presence” and receive Its Direction and don’t listen to something else.”



Beloved David Lloyd

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