understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How far away the whole World has drawn itself from the reality of Life. The human concepts imposed upon the Great Truth of Life – what an unhappy thing it has been.

The human has thought throughout the centuries that it was the doer, taking all the credit to the human form for whatever little was accomplished. There was its limitation; there was the unhappiness brought about the human form.

Beloved Ones, today you stand ready, willing to have your great Freedom! Do not accept anything else!

Oh, do not, I plead with you, allow effects in the outer world to still disturb you, when Above you is the Goal of all Life and the Tool within your hand to dissolve and dismiss from your Pathway, in your Call to the “Presence”, every obstruction that seems to be there.

Beloved People, Beloved Students, do you not realize by this time that within your understanding and acceptance of your own “God Presence”, there is no reason why a single obstruction should longer remain in your Pathway.

If it does, the fault is yours.

The fault is yours, because you allow your feelings to keep accepting the appearance world, which is mankind’s creation. Don’t forget that!

Everything in the human world is mankind’s own creation. It is just limitation of some description; therefore, if you accept that, you allow it – Oh, not only allow it, but you invite it to come and act in your world.

Do you realize how, by your attention, you have constantly invited disturbance, imperfection and accidents into your world?

If you knew, Beloved Ones, what conversation, what contemplation, discussions of destructive things mean, you would not do it.

Now you might say: “How about the Messengers calling your attention to these things?”

A wholly different thing. That is instruction to teach you the Law, but when you deliberately enter into the discussion and revolving, revolving and revolving of discordant things, that is an invitation by your attention to that very quality to act in your world, and it is bound to do it, because you have called it.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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