understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear ones, you will never know until your Ascension, you could not possible know what these Beloved Messengers have meant to mankind. (Applause)

Beloved Ones, I am so Eternally Grateful that the Great Light within your Heart enables you to feel, to understand and to enable you to pour out that great great Love to Them, which is to Life.

You might think it was to these physical forms, but still, it is to Life and that Great Outpouring is the Open Door to your release.

Mankind must love, not with the human sense, but with the Power of Divine Love from their “Presence”, and when they do, their door will be open wide to all the Perfection Life holds for them.

Only a few of the Group Leaders of the World have begun to have just a little idea of what the Messengers mean.

But when you really know your “Presence”, and when you know that the appearance world is but an appearance and has no power, then you are not in any anxiety or concern about the appearance world or fear that mankind can harm or limit you.

Know that no longer can mankind limit each other, but remember in all your Application and intense desire for Freedom, that nothing can harm you but yourselves, and if you will not allow your attention to go out or contemplate destructive things, you will not find destruction in your world.

I urge you, Beloved Students, guard your feelings, your speech, your conversation. Don’t get together and buzz away on destructive things. (Laughter)

Now I am in earnest, greatly. If you do that thing, you invite the quality that you are discussing.

Know a thing, give your Decree and forget it.

Just like this good Messenger and your Beloved Lotus, when something comes to Their attention to be handled, They issue Their Mighty Decree and so far as They are concerned, it does not exist.

That is how you take your attention off a thing and give it to the “Presence”, which is All-Powerful to govern, control, dissolve and consume it.

This is imperative!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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