understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As I understand it now, I too, like many others did not comprehend the intensity which was acting in My feeling world from the time the Master in India called My attention to the possibilities of the future for Me;

but now in My Freedom, I see and know definitely how very intense that feeling had accepted those few Words – a very indefinite thing concerning the location of where I was to find this good Brother, but the Law of Life is unerring.

If mankind could release all uncertainty in their feeling and turn wholly to the “Presence of Life”, not one person would make a single mistake again, because the “Presence of Life” stands ever ready to pour Its Mighty Directing Intelligence.

Saint Germain God Presence ChartNotice the Chart, Beloved Ones! You have the Power of Infinite Intelligence anchored within your Heart, your physical Heart; and then tell Me that you cannot receive from the “Great Presence of Life” Its Freedom, Its Directing Intelligence.

Be sensible, Dear People, see the proof of Life before you. That Chart is accurate, and if you will understand That and give attention to It, you will find how quickly will drop away from your world and your bodies all barnacles of human creation which have been drawn there.

But remember, Beloved mankind, there is Obedience necessary and Life demands Cleanliness and Purity.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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