understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you have made mistakes, call on the Law of Forgiveness with mighty sincerity and determination and then don’t look back! Don’t look back I say to you, Beloved mankind, and Beloved Students. There is where you make your great mistake!

Don’t condemn yourselves because of your mistakes that you discover now, but to turn wholly to the “Great Presence of Life.” You may be sure It does not condemn, so why condemn yourself?

This Great Light, Beloved Students, is the Greatest Thing before mankind, ever in the history of the Earth, and your Beloved Benefactor – never in the world until you are Ascended will you understand and know what He means to you, what He means to America and the World!

Let Him and the Great Ones who are assisting, set you Free!

When I see what has been offered within the past eight months to the Students, it is the most amazing thing ever witnessed, even from the Higher Octaves of Light.

When These Great Beings will charge Their Mighty Qualities into your world to give you Assistance, as the Mighty Victory and Others have done, then the Mighty Divine Director assisting you to dissolve and consume every particle of your human accumulation and creation, will release you from the pressure of that which you cannot imagine.

Then you will find yourself in the position where your Call to the “Great Presence of Life” brings Its Instantaneous Answer, and you will know that you have entered into Life as originally intended.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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