understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The question has been in many minds, how about Myself and Mr. Rayborn, who did not know of these Great Laws long before our Ascension?

Well, do you think the Wisdom of Our “Mighty I AM Presence” through Our Higher Mental Bodies did not know what was coming? You have forgotten that perhaps! But nevertheless, the Higher Mental Body knows what is coming, long before the individual.

Therefore, when My attention was called to that possibility and continued to dwell upon that, it gave My Higher Mental Body an opportunity to prepare My feeling world; and while I did not know it outwardly, yet that Power and Action, identically the same you are using today, was set into action by the Higher Mental Body and the Ascended Masters, Who saw what was coming.

You today, are having the identical Assistance from the Great Divine Director which I had then, and did not know it.

I want you to see how absolutely practical My experience was, for you too, one day, will know just exactly what I mean and the Truth of which I am speaking.

Is it not wonderful to know that all the doubts and fears of mankind have no power when once you come into the Knowledge of your “Great Presence of Life.”

You can have taken out of your world all the doubts and fears that ever existed there, or were ever accumulated, if you want to do it; but you have to brace up and be strong and firm in your determination to have your Freedom, to have your Understanding, to have your Supply, to have your Health – just determined as you would be if you were under water and wanted your breath. You would want it, wouldn’t you?

That is just the position you stand in today.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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