understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us forget the years of search, and enter into My arrival on the side of Mount Shasta where the Inner impelling Force led me.This good Brother had gone there, as He thought, to meet Beloved Saint Germain and found Myself instead. When He would have offered me a drink of water, the Crystal Cup appeared in His hand. When I saw It, I knew My search was ended.

Beloved Ones, I explained to Him what had taken place, and he said to Me: “Well, what am I supposed to do?” With all the force of My Being released, I said to Him: “Ask God to show you what to do! Ask the God in you, Who does know.”

To all outer activities of the Earth, the most astonishing thing ever witnessed on Earth took place. His human self receded out of the way, and the Light from His own “Mighty I AM Presence which is above Him, released Its Power and Might, and His physical body – to the Heart – became a blazing Light, so blazing that I could scarcely look into It.

As His hands took Mine, My feet left the Earth; and mark you Beloved People, I was in hiking garments. When My feet left the Earth, when I had been raised as far as His hands would reach, He let go; and I continued until My feet were perhaps twenty feet above His head.

There, standing in the atmosphere, the Transformation took place from the human into the Divine.

My clothing suddenly dissolved into that of the Higher Octave and looking down, I found Myself clothed in raiment indescribable. Observing My flesh, I found that I had returned to the fullness of youth, all appearance of age having left that form.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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