understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Good people of the Earth, let Me tell you This is a Mighty Reality and as a consequence of It, I AM A FREE ASCENDED BEING LIVING IN THE OCTAVE OF LIGHT!

Everything There is just as tangible to Us as your physical world is to you here; and the day that mankind understands that, and will give sufficient attention to the Power of Life, which is their own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, then they too will know and experience these Transcendent Activities. While They are perfectly natural, of course, to the mind unaccustomed they seem Transcendent.

But you Beloved mankind of today, your Beloved Brother of Light, Jesus Christ, left the Example to mankind.

As a lad I loved that Idea, as nobody in this World could find words to express, but all I contacted caused me to believe that such a thing was impossible for the ordinary human today.

We find today, that is all a mistake.

The Ascension is intended for every human being on Earth, and every human being who will give sincere attention to their “Mighty I AM Presence” will find That is possible for them, if not in this embodiment, then the following one!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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