understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Friends of America, not so long ago I was an Englishman and My name is David Lloyd. In India, as a lad, I was informed by a Master who was not ascended, that on a great mountain in America I would find a man with a Crystal Cup and when I had found that individual, I would have found the one who could assist Me to My Ascension.

I understood very little what those Words meant, but something registered within My feeling world that impelled Me on, with a Power Unquenchable and Irresistible.

Shortly after that, My father was shot and killed in his service for the English government in India. Then My mother and I came to London. In the meantime, quite a legacy had been left to us by a former friend of My father’s; therefore, in My hands was the means to carry on the search which the Great Master in India had called to My attention.

Then after four years, My mother passed on, and I began My search. I came to your city of New York, and thereafter began the eventful activities of a human life.

Today, I wish to assert to the whole World that mankind’s Ascension is a Reality! Mankind is not limited to the things to which their previous conceptions have bound them.

Today, I stand a Proof to the World, the Universe, that this good Brother’s experiences recorded in Unveiled Mysteries of My Ascension are true, and I ought to know! It is said that it is difficult for an Englishman to immediately accept a joke; well, if you do not accept This, the joke is on you!

Therefore, Beloved Ones, allow Me to convey to you something, briefly of course, of My experience.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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