understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, when the Messengers ask you to use the words “Blast and Annihilate”, it is for your Blessing and Freedom and for blasting and annihilating limiting destructive conditions.

It does not mean physical bodies, but it renders the most marvelous service in the Universe to bless, protect and harmonize human bodies that are out of harmony almost completely.

Don’t you see, you cannot harm a physical body by calling the Power of Light to blast that condition that may be handling it? You cannot harm that physical body.

You are calling the Power of the “Presence” into action to do these things, which is Love, Wisdom and Power in action; and that “Presence” won’t do any harmful thing. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use these terms to release Power and Feeling to do these things.

For instance, suppose an individual had drawn a weapon to take your life and you raised your hand instantly and called the “Presence” to blast that.

Well, the “Presence”, the Light, would turn back upon that individual his own destructive force. That would be no fault of yours. You have a right to your protection and you are certainly foolish if you don’t use it.

Would you go out and lie down and let the wild animals eat you up, just because they might be ruined?

Well, that is what you are doing with these destructive forces of human creation, as long as you let them govern you.

So do not yield to those conditions longer. Once you did not understand, but now you do.

Absolutely face about and silence all human qualities and action, and as you call your “Presence” into action, the Full Power of that will take Its Dominion, and so much more quickly than you realize.”

Ascended Master Youth

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