understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know the Students who have known This Work for four years, had they only known It in the beginning, could have been absolutely Free in every way today?

But think of it, think of it, Dear Ones, Oh, it is such a short time even at that, but think of the Power, think of the Force, the Assistance that has been necessary to dissolve and consume conditions which were weighing upon mankind, and preventing their clearness of comprehension and application of these Great Laws.

I could cite you a hundred thousand people of the “I AM” Students who have – well, I will just approximate it, twenty times in these four years – could have had their Complete Freedom had they stood by their Application at certain points at which they had arrived;

but they allowed human suggestions and conditions to come in and interrupt them temporarily and then they had to go on again.

If you were fishing, but you are not supposed to eat things that have eyes, but if you were fishing – I mean when you used to go fishing – and you had a nice one on the hook and your line was way out, you know, quite a distance, and you begin to pull that in, and you go a couple inches and then you think, I don’t want to take it too fast, because I want to enjoy this more. And that poor little fellow out there, he may not want to come in so fast.

You take it a little at a time, and you wait awhile and you wonder how he is getting along out there. Then you try it again.

Do you know, that is just what the Blessed Students have been doing? They are wonderfully enthusiastic for awhile, and somebody comes along and tells them some discouraging story about the Messengers, then they begin to lull.

Then the Messengers come along and they brace up, and go ahead again. Then, the Messengers go on and they try it again.

Well, that is not necessary. You can keep your momentum going right from the start, if you would not listen to human gossip and that kind of thing.”

Ascended Master Youth

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