understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, every Word that We speak to you is within your possibility of fulfillment and very quickly; that is the point.

In the understanding of your “Presence” you do not have to wiggle around for years, but just straighten yourself up and say:  “Why, you human creation, now you are finished! You cannot bind me any longer, because I have found my ‘Presence’ of all Life, which dissolves every vestige of you. You may be my creation, but I call on the Law of Forgiveness for it, and you are done for!”

I am telling you, Dear Ones, you will find your Release!

Do not yield to those conditions any more. Your Application will set you Free if you feel It; but of course, if you just do it from here (pointing to the neck), you don’t get much result.

But if you will loose the Feeling from here (the Heart), then automatically that Power goes forth, just like It grasps the condition, and holds it in obedience to your Call.

Therefore, stand firm in your “Presence”, Beloved Ones.

I am grateful and thank you and Saint Germain for this opportunity, in My humble efforts, to give you My Courage, Strength and Feeling of Dominion over all human things, and I am sure you will all rejoice.

I may not be so Great as They are, but still the Divine Director, Victory, the Goddess of Liberty, the Queen of Light and various Ones have offered Their Assistance, and why not?

We have many Ways and Means of Accomplishment by the Power of Light, Beloved Ones. It is wonderful to know that you are the Victory of the “Mighty I AM”, without ever having to use a destructive force.

Is it not wonderful, when mankind have killed each other for century after century over nothing, and today you are coming to know your Victory without having to ever use a single destructive force.”

Ascended Master Youth

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