understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, now I know the Staff will pardon Me if I use this expression, but I ask you in their presence, if they have any idea what it would mean to go out from the Heart of the Messengers into the outside world and begin as they were before? You have no idea.

They have some idea – not as much as I wish they had; but I use this as an illustration, Dear Ones, because as long as human qualities assert themselves, they are holding individuals from their Freedom.

Now the glory of the progress of the Staff has been the most marvelous thing ever witnessed, and I say that sincerely. You today, as a body of Students, and I mean this and all over America and in other parts of the World, the Transformation in your feeling world is the most magnificent Thing ever witnessed!

Therefore, tonight I want you to feel how Great Our Love and Desire is to be of service to you continuously.

When the Messengers leave your city, don’t think for one moment that you are left alone. Don’t ever let that thought or feeling come in, but just rejoice more greatly that you have the Outpouring of your “Presence”.

Ascended Master Youth

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