understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now bear with Me for just a moment while I call your attention to the Messengers. Look at Their struggles for years, and really, even before This Understanding came to Them, They had powerful tenacity of application, but it was not producing the results.

But look, from the time in Their home when Saint Germain dictated that first Discourse that you have in the Book of The “I AM” Discourses, calling Their attention to this “Mighty Presence” where It was and what It would do for for Them – from that hour to this, Their Application has gone forth with quicker and more powerful answers continually.

That is where you stand today. They looked neither right nor left. Neither listen to gossip or anything else. If anybody started to pour that stuff into Their ears, They shut it off. That is what you have to do, provided you want to be free quickly.

Don’t you see, Dear Ones, every moment you listen to gossip or destructive things, criticism, condemnation or judgment is just dragging you down and down, deeper and deeper into the limitations of Earth?

Now take your choice. If you insist on going on with those qualities that deprive you of every good thing, I say “God Bless You”, and pass on My way.”

Ascended Master Youth

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