understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you Blessed Ones, who might have the appearance of financial limitation, don’t give way to that. That miserable thing has no power in your world. I don’t care if you haven’t a dime tonight, you might have a thousand dollars in the morning.

Just keep on accepting all the Ascended Master Miracles that you can think of. Don’t ever let your human talk back to you and say: “Well, where is it?” Say: “Shut up!”

Now I tell you, when you will talk to those human qualities that try to discourage you like that, it will soon stop it, for it sees you have your backbone straightened up and you are going to take Dominion; and very little will it try to intrude itself upon you.

But you have to take your stand, Dear Ones, in all these appearances.

After all, Dear Ones, all your problems and conditions are just the most glorious opportunity to prove the Powers of the “Presence” with dynamic energy and call It forth, like you were driving a post.

The Law requires that Great Inner Power of that Great firm Determination:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ I insist on this, and I mean it!”

It won’t take many of those feelings released, until you will be seeing results.

Dear Hearts, don’t make your Decrees individually for some emergency with a wavering, quivering feeling within you. Still yourself! Take command of your feeling and then issue your Decree with a Mighty Power of conviction, and you will find the results.

I don’t mean you have to speak as loud as I do, but be firm. It is a Magnificent Thing!”

Ascended Master Youth

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