understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know that if Saint Germain and the Great Ones had not asked mankind to issue these Decrees, do you think you would be giving one hour’s attention to your “Presence” today? I question it seriously, with all you now might know that it would do for you; now that is just the point to which I want to get you.

Now then, is your Freedom less important than the things of the outer world, when you did have twelve hours to devote to all the requirements of your business world and your home activities, and you could give four hours to your “Presence” and still have plenty of sleep; then what is the matter?


You will pardon Me, won’t you, if I just ask you to look at yourselves for a awhile?

It is wonderful! It is wonderful, Beloved Ones, and We love you, Blessed Ones, in your bodies of limitation, you will never know how much – Mr. and Mrs. Rayborn, Bob and Rex, Nada and Pearl and Myself.

Do you understand, Beloved People, in the Name of your “Presence” what We feel for you? Can you for a moment even imagine?

When We so recently stood in bodies limited like your own, and have been set Free, then do you wonder that we would do everything within Our Power to help you to that Great Freedom, which We know you can attain.”

Ascended Master Youth

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