understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, do you think for one second that Saint Germain and the Great Host of Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Beings would be pouring forth the Limitless Energy, the Power of Divine Love and these Marvelous Instructions of the Ascended Masters to you, if They did not see it was possible for you to take hold and have your Freedom?

Do you think They would waste that time and energy? Absolutely no! You must know that. Do you think that Saint Germain would keep the Messengers going forth, when their Freedom was due a long time ago because of their willingness to go forth and remain with mankind and give this assistance?

Oh, as the fellow said: “You just wait! You have not seen nothin’ yet!”

You know we Englishmen did not particularly care for the American slang, but I find it is a very wonderful thing. As true as you sit here, many times We can reach individuals through a slang expression, and then We are criticized because Ascended Masters would use that language. Well, We should worry!

So Beloved Ones, in all the Joy of our Hearts We want you to feel that with your attention, harmony and cooperation, there is not one thing that could not be done for you, not one thing that your Heart desires.”

Ascended Master Youth

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