understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now This should be very great Encouragement! As We have watched the Progress of the Students, the Expansion of their Light and have seen the enormous changes that have taken place, Dear Ones, it is the most Marvelous Miracle ever performed in four years! Now We see every single thing that has taken place in your Life during this time, the Expansion of your Light and all else required.


I say this for your encouragement, because it is true: don’t believe or feel because some marvelous thing has not taken place in your Life you are not progressing, the expansion of your Light is not going on.

Why think of it! Necessarily, you must still move about in the human octave.

You spend on the average twelve hours in contact with the outer world – approximately eight hours in business, and then the hours at home before and after business, which I think we might approximate at twelve hours. Then what do you do with the other twelve hours?

Now remember, you still have twelve hours, and you know most people do not require more than eight hours sleep; some think they require more, but eight would do very nicely.

Then you have four hours, which you might utilize very wonderfully. You might even spend two hours at the moving pictures, and still have two hours left.

Now then, we are getting to the point. What do you think you could do with that two hours which is left?

You see I am giving you lots of leeway. Think what two hours devotion and attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence” every day, earnestly, would mean to you!

It would mean Heaven on Earth, for It would open the Gates of Heaven, which is Harmony, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, to you for the Limitless Supply, the Directing Intelligence, Love, Health, Harmony, Courage, Strength and Power of Achievement.”

Ascended Master Youth

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