understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Can you for a few moments, feel with Me what you would feel, to One who had been instrumental in setting you forever Free from human limitations? Would you not have Eternal Ever-lasting Gratitude of the deepest kind? I think you would, and I say this for the Messenger’s benefit tonight, just a little secret.

He wondered after My Words to Him at the time of My Ascension why I had not returned to Him sooner, and shall I tell you all tonight? Because My Love and Gratitude were so overwhelming that it was more than the Messenger could endure in Its Fullness, so I had to subdue It.

Yet, when I gave the first Dictation in California, I had very great difficulty in controlling It, for you do not know what it means when you come into the vibratory action of the human octave in which you have so recently been; and then, when that Great Gratitude comes forth, even in My State in which I am, it was not easy to govern that, but I succeeded.

Now I always have it quite under control.”

Ascended Master Youth

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