understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to feel, Beloved Friends of Light, that everything that was My experience is yours.

Now remember, you have known the “I AM” less than four years. I searched many years with nothing to sustain Me, but My own feelings. Being naturally quite harmonious, it was easy for this impelling Inner Power to push Me on, and push Me on and push Me on, until finally, the Goal was reached!

Just so with you, Beloved Ones, this Power of Light that beats your Heart is pushing, pushing, pushing you on, and you only need the Power of your attention earnestly, sincerely with determination to have that Freedom, Oh, so much more quickly.

But Dear Ones, in Heaven’s Name, since you have come to know this Great “Presence” – not that it might not occur – but if some Miracle does not occur in your life in a year or two or three or four, for Heaven’s sake, don’t be discouraged after all the limitations you have gone through throughout the centuries.

You would hardly expect to sprout your wings and fly off tomorrow.

Now I am prompting you, Dear Ones! If you will not be so concerned about some great Manifestation, but just keep calling the “Presence” forth in a great methodical movement, then all of a sudden you will find the barriers have gone down, and you stand there the Victor over all human creation!”

Ascended Master Youth

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