understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now returning again to My Experience, Beloved Ones, as I stood there marveling at the Transformation that had taken place, I felt this Great Current from Above.


Looking up, there came this great marvelous Ray of Crystal White Light which was Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance, and I felt Myself quite rapidly ascending into That, until the brilliancy of that Light became so Great, that I no longer saw this Beloved One who had rendered so great a Service to Me.


Then as I realized that Great Freedom into which I had entered, My Joy knew no bounds. And then your Beloved Saint Germain clasped My Hand and He said to Me: “Accept My congratulations on your Freedom!”


Then as I became adjusted in a few days, as you understand your time, I entered wholly into that Great Great Freedom. I began to reach out through My great feeling world, which had now become Crystal Clear.


All that I had longed for in My life could now be fulfilled. I went here and there and everywhere, never stopping until I had satisfied many many of the longings of My Heart, that I had thought and brought back through My memory from sleep. There I found that all those things were real, so very real.


Then after some time, I said to Saint Germain: “I want to return to that Blessed One who rendered Me that Service”; and Saint Germain said: “You may, just for a short period.” And so with Him, I came to visit Him. It was near the close of the Beloved Messenger’s Work in Chicago, before Saint Germain sent Them forth.


And that night, as I stood there in the atmosphere looking upon His earnestness, and the lack of the understanding of the people, I thought, what Courage He has; and yet, within Him I saw not the slightest feeling of that which seemed to be apparent.


Then I said to Saint Germain: “I want to return and help continuously in This Great Work.” So when the Messengers were in California, I began My continuous Activity with the Messengers. It has been very wonderful!”


Ascended Master Youth


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