understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now notice this, there is a marvelous thing in it for you; He came, of course I know now, but I did not know then that he was able to transport his body from place to place and He transported His body from Africa to India and talked to Me, knowing that my father would soon pass on, and when He had come forth and given the Radiation to our family, He went away.

Then when My father was shot and killed, he reappeared and befriending My mother and Myself, gave us – brought to us, a part of that fortune, which we needed to go to England. Then as we later returned to London, He informed us He had deposited in the Bank of England the balance of the fortune which the friend of My father had left.

He explained to Me in a brief manner saying, “On a great mountain in North America you will find a Man with a Crystal Cup who can assist you to your Ascension.”

I comprehended very little of what His Words meant at the time, but that was like Words of Fire branded into my feeling world; and understand, that It never left Me for a single hour. Those Words rang constantly in My ears, so to speak, and then after conditions had so adjusted themselves and we left India returning to London, shortly after My mother passed on, I was left to go on My search.

Many years I went on and on with that search. I did not have your Application today. I just had to go on following My impulse or feeling, as it prompted Me.

I had no other means; and yet, I think not for a single day perhaps, was I out of the watchful care of that Blessed One who had sent Me forth on this peculiar search.
But think of it, I knew nothing of these Great Laws, and yet I knew the Truth of His Words. Something within Me knew that They would be fulfilled, so as that search continued – let us pass over those years.

Then when I came to Mount Shasta and the day before, I thought, “Could it be possible?” The first time I ever questioned the Truthfulness of the Master, rather more in wonderment than disbelief, but I began to wonder whether or not I was just on some wild imaginary thing.”

Ascended Master Youth

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