understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now watch this – no sooner had that feeling passed through my mind than a Charge went through my physical body, as though I had touched a powerful electric battery, and I felt so ashamed for even a momentary wondering at the Truthfulness of the Great One who had sent Me forth.

Then that night I slept on the great Mount Shasta, not dreaming for a moment how near I was to Freedom! Who of you today know how near you are to Complete Freedom?

Then when I awakened in the morning, and had very little with me left to eat, just some fruit I had carried along, I started out, and after about two hours I came upon this good Brother sitting there on a log, as He thought, waiting for Saint Germain.

Then when I felt this great onrush to explain to Him what had been said to me in India – the first time in a long time I had felt the impulse to speak of it to anyone, but something in Me knew that He would understand.

Then when He wished to give Me a drink of water and in His hand appeared the Crystal Cup – and I smile today, for even in my eagerness and intensity, I could not help but notice the amazement on His face, when in His hand came the Crystal Cup – as I know now, the first Precipitation that occurred in His hand!

Therefore, Dear Ones, seeing that Crystal Cup, which was the exact description the Master had given Me, all the power of My Being of years and years of accumulation rushed forward like a mighty torrent; and to the extent that the human self of this Blessed One just receded out of the way – the impelling force of that charged energy compelled it – and the Light of His “Presence” came down to the Heart area, these arms that you see here, and His head and shoulders were such a Blazing Light that He could scarcely look into It, nor could I.

And when His hands suddenly came forth, reached forth and took Mine, no one in all the world will ever know until they experience It, what That Touch meant!

Then as that Mighty Current of Energy – now remember that Mighty Current of Energy was from His own “Presence”, but as that Light rushed into Me, into My body and My feeling world, it released the Power from My own “Presence”. I felt as though, not just from breathing, but I felt as though one gasping, in every cell of My body, if you can understand what I mean.

You know how you sort of gasp at some great astonishment? Well, that will give you a fragmentary idea of the Feeling that acted in every cell of My body; and what was that?

That was the sudden Almighty Purification of the physical structure of My body.”

Ascended Master Youth

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