understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then remember, Mr. Rayborn had no more idea, in fact not as much as you do, what was going to take place in his Life, until Saint Germain sent the Messenger into His home. Because that Life had been one of every Great Harmony, His own Light made the Call, and It had to be answered.

In My own Experience, My Life had been unusually happy and harmonious. My father had been an officer in India for the government, having gone there from England when I was about four years old; and notice how Great is the Wisdom of those Great Ones. This One, however, that befriended Me so greatly, was not an Ascended Master, but was a very great Master.

Now then, I had never met Him; My father had never met Him. Then how was it, that He was watching over Me as a lad and really quite similar to the way Saint Germain watched over this good Brother?

Oh, that Blessed One watched over Me from birth, as I know now. Then when He saw My father was going to meet with the release from his physical body, He had everything prepared.

Now Blessed Ones notice this! He had everything prepared and the gentleman whom My Father had grub-staked to go to South Africa to the diamond mines, and had never heard a word from him afterwards, had gained a considerable fortune and passed on.

Again the Great Master, seeing that he was going to pass on, made his acquaintance and gained his friendship, so that he would be the one who received the wealth which actually belonged to his benefactor. But having no relatives, “that bread cast upon the waters”, by My father, returned to Me.”

Ascended Master Youth

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